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Delight Line Fitfuel protein & energy ice cream! A delicious protein enriched high calorie nutritional ice cream to restore, recover and rebuild strength. 6,7 g whey Protein per tub of 65 g to boost protein intake which is imperative in maintaining and increasing muscle strength. Calorie Rich (128kcal per tub of 65 g) quality calorific content to increase your nutritional intake. Great Tasting real dairy ice cream made with fresh whole Irish milk and cream. What is Delight Line FitFuel Protein Ice Cream; At Delight Line FitFuel we take a “Food-First” approach to creating products which deliver the protein benefits necessary to optimise your bodies ability to restore, recover and rebuild and ultimatly to enable you to meet your goals. People eat our ice cream every day because they love the taste of it. Fitfuel Nourish is first and foremost a delicious dairy Ice cream – a real food. It also enriched with 6,7 g of protein per serving making it a food which can help to provide the foundation for increasing and maintaining strength and muscle mass.