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Cream with raspberrytaste filled with a soft raspberry-biscuit filling on a round layer of biscuit, garnished with raspberries in a layer of jelly.
Technical Productspecification
Productname:  Gateau dessert raspberry
Articlenumber:  14131
Changed:  09/03/2021
Barcode (Outercarton):
Cake: EGGS, sweetener Isomalt, WHEATmix (glutenfree MILK, thickening agent (E412), emulsifier (E322)), stabiliser (emulsifier (E471,E475), solvent (E1520)), EGGwhite, flavouring, sweetener Stevia. Filling+decoration: vegetable cream (water, vegetable oils and fats, skimmed milkpowder, eggyolk, emulsifier (E471,E322,E472a), stabiliser (E401,E407,E410,E412), colouring (E160a)), raspberries (7%), fruitjelly (jelly(fructosesyrup, water, gelsolution (E407), acidifier (E330), preservative (E202)), skimmed milk, dietary fibre (Inuline), flavouring, colouring (E120), sweetener Aspartame.
lactose, eggs and gluten
Contents, storage conditions, Tenability
Contents: 20x60 Gr
Net weight: 1200 Gr
Gross weight: 1300 Gr
Storage conditions: Frozen,< -18ºC
Tenability: 12 months after production
Primary packaging: Carton 33 x 27 x7cm
Secundairy packaging:  
Palette: 15 layer of 10 cartons> 150 cartons per palete
Nutrition information per 100 g
Energy: 146 kcal/610 kJ
Protein: 4,5 Gr
Carbohydrates total: 9,8 Gr

     of which polyoles: 

of which sugars: 

3 Gr

6,8 Gr(lactose)

Fat: 6,8 Gr
     of which saturated: 
of which unsaturated: 
5,2 Gr
Fiber: 16,8 Gr